If you’re like most people, you are always looking for ways to save money, and evaluating car insurance costs is a go to. Insurance companies advertise lower rates and great deals, but an even better way to ensure your rates stay low is to avoid crashes in the first place.

The summer months, along with the winter holiday months, have the highest rates of vehicle crashes. While crashes aren’t always 100% avoidable, many others can be prevented through behavior change, and knowing how to drive safely with other users in the road.

Some crashes occur because drivers do not know how to properly yield to, pass by, or generally drive with people walking, biking and rolling on the road. Knowing the laws, safe ways to pass someone, and the signals and other tips can go a long way in preventing crashes, and keeping others safe as we all get to where we need to go.

The Oregon Friendly Driver course is specifically designed to help drivers do this. Sign up today, and start making changes to keep your insurance rates low!