• “I would recommend this class because you learn how to safely obey laws that affect the people riding their bikes.” – John 

  • “My favorite part was the diagrams in the slideshow so I was able to clearly see each scenario.” – Stacy 

  • “I’m glad we had a class session dedicated to this topic, it has helped me be more considerate of all road users.” – Whitney

  • “I’ve been preparing for my permit test, so this has been a confidence boost!”— Caitlin

  • “The presenter was knowledgeable, friendly and very patient!”— Jennifer

  • “So great to be trained by a real person, videos are awesome, but you are awesom-er.” – Jenny

  • “PRNDL Driver Education has had the OFD Instructor present the course to our classes and has been amazing in providing awareness to students on traffic laws that apply to vehicle drivers, people riding bicycles and pedestrians. The course has informative videos and slides to help students learn new roadway features they may not be aware of. Informative information to share with students and families. – Linda Eastman, Certified ODOT Commercial Driver Training Instructor PRNDL Driver Education