Introduction: Oregon Friendly Driver Program is a way for Oregon drivers to create safer streets for everyone. The Oregon Friendly Driver online course helps drivers better understand the rights and responsibilities of people using our streets. Taking this online course, you will learn information on existing laws and the built environment. Some infrastructure built for people walking and riding bikes can be confusing for drivers. Scenarios toward the end of the course will help you better understand how these facilities should be used, and how you can be a more friendly driver on Oregon roads.

The course takes approximately 60 minutes to complete. Please follow the Directions below and take the pre and final exam. This data is important to keep resources coming for the Oregon Friendly Driver program across the state.


Step 1: Complete registration and enter all required information.
Step 2: Take the Pre-Quiz.
Step 3: Begin Course and complete quizzes.
Step 4: Take the Final Quiz.
Step 5: Certification. Upon completion of the course you will receive an Oregon Friendly Driver Certificate and Window Cling sent to you.

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