It is the winter holiday season, and that means many Oregonians will be traveling over the next several weeks to see family, and take a much needed break. With more people on the road, this is a great time to remember some tips from the Oregon Friendly Driver Course.

Remember, people still walk and roll to where they need to go in the winter. As with driving a car, there are weather hazards people walking and rolling have to navigate. When passing someone walking or biking in the snow or rain, be sure to wait to pass them until you can give the proper fall distance in case they slip or fall.

On your winter road trip, it is good to remember that even in Oregon, infrastructure between cities and towns are not always alike. Roundabout and bike lanes can look different from town to town, so now is a great time to brush up on how to properly use these with people walking and biking.

Help make the winter holiday season happy for all by taking the Oregon Friendly Driver Course and becoming a safe, friendly driver today.