Active Transportation Alliance

Now that school is out, and Summer has officially begun, you might notice more young people out and about riding bikes, rolling on scooters, and walking to and from their favorite spots. 

Programs like Oregon Safe Routes to Schools help to teach young people how to safely navigate roads while walking and rolling, but as a driver it is your duty to be attentive, and do all you can to make sure you’re helping to keep young Oregonians safe. People walking and rolling on our shared roads are called vulnerable users, and as drivers it is important to protect them.

For students riding bicycles and scooters, they may just be learning how to properly signal when stopping and making turns. As a driver, knowing what these signals look like so you can properly anticipate what a young person on a bike or scooter is doing, and help them get to where they are going safely. 

It is also important to be aware as a driver, and be constantly looking out for young people walking and rolling in the street. In a car, you may be higher above the street level, while young people walking and rolling aren’t as elevated. Be sure to constantly scan your route to keep watch. When opening your car door, do the Dutch Reach, when you open your car door using your right hand, forcing you to look over your shoulder, so that you do not open your door in the path of an oncoming young person.

You can learn these strategies to become a safer driver through the Oregon Friendly Driver course. Sign up for the course as an individual driver, or schedule an in-person class for your organization today!