May 4th isn’t just just National Star Wars Day this year, but is National Bike to School Day! 

In Oregon, students around the state will join their classmates and families as they bike or roll to and from school. Thus, if you are driving on your commute you should be prepared to see more people biking and rolling on the road. 

When driving with someone on the road who is biking or rolling, remember these simple tips to ensure you both get safely to where you need to go:

  • When passing, be sure to give the person biking or rolling a proper fall distance (the distance between you and them, so that if they were to suddenly fall you would not hit them). When safe and legal, pass them by merging into the next lane to give them enough space!
  • When making a turn, don’t just check your mirrors, but slow and check over your shoulder and blind spots. People biking and rolling are using smaller vehicles, so they can be harder to see by simply checking your mirror.
  • Know the signals! People walking and rolling must use their hands to signal when they are making turns and stopping, so being familiar with these signs is essential for being a safe driver.

You can learn about these tips and much more in depth by taking the Oregon Friendly Driver course! The course will help you in being a Friendly Driver not just on May 4th, but every day, and will help all Oregonians get to where they need to go safely. May the 4th be with you, and happy riding!