On October 5th, 2022, 40 countries around the world will be celebrating International Walk to School Day, taking their favorite routes to walk to school. The day began in 1997, and since has become a catalyst for promoting safe walking and rolling practices all year round.

Students throughout Oregon will also be celebrating! Thus, as a driver, you might notice more students walking and rolling on your commute. 

When driving with young people on the road, here are a few simple tips to help keep everyone safe:

  • Know hand signals for stopping and turning on a bike so you are prepared to slow down or stop.
  • Use the Dutch Reach: when parking and leaving your vehicle on a busy road, open your car door with your right hand so you can look over your shoulder and watch for oncoming people biking, rolling or walking so you do not hit them with your door.
  • Always follow posted speed limits in school zones, and make complete stops are crossings to allow people to safely walk and roll through the intersection.

You can learn about these tips and more by taking up the Oregon Friendly Driver course today. If you have a student yourself, we encourage you to walk or roll with them to school, or volunteer at a local school to guide students.