October 31st is Halloween! The days are getting darker, and people throughout the world are celebrating All Hallows Eve with decorations, costumes, and for the younger Oregonians, trick or treating!

It is definitely a spooky, fun time! To make sure it is the most fun for everyone, it is a great time for all drivers to brush up on their knowledge of what it means to be an Oregon Friendly Driver.

Oregon Friendly Drivers are constantly aware of their surroundings, and are looking for people walking, biking and rolling on the road with them. They use techniques like the Dutch Reach when exiting their vehicles, to make sure they don’t accidentally hit someone with their door. When passing people walking or rolling, they pass safely while giving ample fall distance. Oregon Friendly Drivers do everything they can to make sure everyone traveling has a great time, and gets home safely.

Join others today who took the Oregon Friendly Driver course, and made the pledge to be safer drivers. Make your Halloween costume an Oregon Friendly Driver!