How to navigate traffic circles and roundabouts -

It is roadtrip season! Whether you’re driving across the country, or just a few towns over, if you’re on a roadtrip you might notice some driving infrastructure you don’t have at home. 

Many towns have roundabouts, with all types of road users (people walking, biking rolling) making use of them to get to where they need to go. If you are unfamiliar with roundabouts, and don’t have them where you live, it can be a bit stressful to use them for the first time! 

Different localities in Oregon also tend to have different bicycle infrastructure. Some cities have dedicated bike lanes, with different colors designating the lane. Some have sharrows, indicating that bicyclists will be on the road with cars, and are to be treated as a vehicle. 

In Portland, you might notice a tram going through the same road as other vehicles. Understanding the signs, and when to yield, is important so as to not cause an accident or damage to public infrastructure.

Driving in a new place, with infrastructure you aren’t used to can be stressful, but the Oregon Friendly Driver Course can help! Sign up for the course today to become a safer and more confident driver no matter where you are.