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Our story

The Oregon Friendly Driver program is a 60 minute interactive class to educate all drivers on the best and safest ways to use the road with people walking or riding bikes.  These classes are taught and are organized by Commute Options,  The Street Trust and the Lane Council of Governments. This class is based on the Bicycle Friendly Driver program was inspired by FC Bikes and Bike Fort Collins

These workshops are free to the host! Classes have been taught to Parks and Recreation Departments, Bus Drivers, City Government Employees, Driver’s Education Classes, community groups, neighborhood associations, library employees, truck drivers, and law enforcement professionals. In 2020 we turned the workshop virtual to continue offering instruction to interested groups. We use Go To Webinar to present the material online to your participants. 

Our vision

To offer continuing education to Oregon drivers to create safer streets for everyone. The Oregon Friendly Driver program helps drivers better understand the rights and responsibilities of all people walking, biking, and driving on our streets and shares information on existing laws,  new crossings and bike facilities that can confuse to drivers.

Our mission

Making Oregon Roads safer by educating people on the safest ways to drive near people walking and biking.  


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