Course Materials

The Oregon Friendly Driver course is a FREE 75 minute interactive course to educate all drivers on the best and safest ways to use the road with people walking or riding bikes. The Oregon Friendly Driver class addresses:

  • The safest ways to utilize your roadway network
  • What traffic laws apply to people driving, people riding bicycles and people walking
  • Common crashes and how to avoid them
  • Why people riding bikes leave the bike lane and how people driving can respond
  • How to use road way features such as sharrows, bike lanes, and rapid flashing beacons


  • Every corner is a crosswalk. An Oregon Friendly Driver will always stop for a person walking and allow them to cross at a unmarked or marked crosswalk and wait for them to get to the other side before continuing on their journey.
  • When a bike is in the roadway they are subject to the same rights and responsibilities as a person driving. As an Oregon Friendly Driver you will learn what to expect from people on bikes when they are in the roadway.
  • Where speed limits are > 35 MPH a person driving must provide fall distance when passing a person on a bike AND the person driving may cross into the opposite lane of traffic as long as it is clear and safe to do so. As an Oregon Friendly Driver you will always provide as much space as possible when passing a person on a bike.
  • Sharrow markings indicate a segment of a roadway where people driving and people biking will be sharing the lane. These are used in areas where speeds are slow and the lanes are usually too narrow for a person driving and a person biking to be side by side.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive an Oregon Friendly Driver Certificate.